Eye Makeup Tips: Eye shadow Color Riche 4 complexions

This week, writing Get the Look has decided to do a real test for our Eye Makeup Tips articles, realizing what is called the social networks “shade selector”. The principle? Use the same color eye shadow on several beauticians to see the report by the color of our eyes and our skin.eye-makeup-tips-1In the week beginning, we decided to test the brown iridescent eye shadow palette of Nude Beige … And we were not disappointed!


In good beauty’s respecting our beauty routine consists of a nice make-up and hairstyle. Having unified our complexion and applied a hint of blush, eye makeup place!

If you are not a fan of the graphic liner, know that an eye shadow always sublimates your look. Matte or iridescent, of all possible colors, it applies only on the eyelid, or gradient, so smoky, as you wish.

Featuring the best shades for several seasons, the Beige Nude Palette could only meet our expectations. Easy application thanks to a double brush tip, integrated mirror, easy-to-carry … What more?

Eye Makeup Tips; Brand Test Results

Claire: “The brown tones are proving perfect for the season but also for brown eyes So they allow give relief and brightness with brown eyes Brown is a character color and says a more intense look and!. Deeper. In short, a must shade for me! ”

Sophie: “By this fall, the writing has fallen for the nude palette and me first because its colors fit perfectly to the season for this shade selector was wagered on the light brown glitter It is an ideal color for.. Clear eyes, but for my taste, a little less for fair skin like mine. I find it is not clear enough on my complexion. ”

Maelenn: “Perfect for fall, the Beige Nude Palette offers 10 shades of nude beige eye shadow, black sand for this test, the editorial ‘chose a light brown iridescent trendy after making a slight smoky. I note that the selected color is well worth my while giving clear eyes made discreet. Tested and passed immediately! ”

Betty. “Shortly addict eye shadows, I finally discovered a palette that makes me wants to throw myself into the smoky-eyes and other shades of blush with its nude shades from black to beige, is ideal for making makeup light and bright. I fall for the iridescent shadows and chestnuts, which sublimate blue eyes and enlarge the look. ”

We hope our test will help give you an idea of rendering on you, before succumbing to this highly desirable range!